New in stock are single and dual precision optical flats
manufactured from Zerodur. 6, 8, and 10 inch rounds.
1/10 & 1/20 wave. Various coatings available upon request.

Inspection certification with each.

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Current Available Equipment




Blanchard No.11


Disco DCS 141 Wafer Washer

Disco DTU 1531 Chiller 

Disco DFG 850 8" Wafer Grinder 


Engis Hyprez 15LM Table Top Lapper/Polisher    

Engis Hyprez 28SLM 239 VP 3 Head Single Side Lapping Machine

Engis Hyprez 28SLM 230 VP 3 Head Single Side Polisher


Lapmaster 12" table top lapping machine

Lapmaster 15" table top lapping machine   

Lapmaster 36 Open Face Lapping Machine   


Meyer-Burger TR-4 700 Diamond OD Saw   

Meyer Burger TS-202 ID saw

MTI 822 OD Slicer

MTI 1030 Arbor Grinder

MK Model 5000 Diamond Saw


PR Hoffman PR-1 66T Double Side Lapping Machine   

PR Hoffman PR-1 66T Double Side Polisher   

PR Hoffman PR1 85T Double Side Lapping Machine  


Speedfam 32 BTAW Single Side Lapping Machine

Speedfam 32 SPAW Single Side Polisher

Strasbaugh 6CW Polisher

Strasbaugh 6DA-DC1 Single Spindle Optical Polisher   

Strasbaugh 6DA-2 Polisher

Strasbaugh 6X-DC1 Manual Lapping Station

Strasbaugh R6ZR-1 Lapping Machine   

Struers Roto Pol 31 Table Top Grinder/Polisher    

STC 22" ID Saws


64" Continuous/Pitch Polisher New Photos Added!



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About InSpec Global Technologies


InSpec Global Technologies acquires and sells pre-owned equipment, refurbish's equipment, offers peripherals and parts.  Warranty and support included. Come back often to view our current inventory.

Equipment can be sold either "as is" or in refurbished condition, operational to OEM specifications and backed by InSpec's 90 day warranty.

Specializing in manufactures such as: MTI, Disco, Speedfam, K&S/ADT, Peter Wolters, Lapmaster, Okamoto and many more.




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Current Available Parts


Strasbaugh 7AA Air Bearing Spindles

Disco 83H/6 Air Bearing Spindles

Disco 82IF/8 Air Bearing Spindles

MTI NSX 250 Air Bearing Spindles

Disco DFD651 Covers

Speedfam 16B  Cast Iron Lapping Plates NEW

ADT 7100 Air Bearing Spindle

Speedfam 84" Conditioning Rings NEW


ZeroMicron Carriers


We are an authorized Rep for ZeroMicron, Contact us Today!

Learn more here:  ZeroMicron Carriers Page


ZeroMicron Catalog - Oct 2013      PDF  File 
Waxless Mounting       PDF  File 
Application Note 13081201-B) Rough Polish - Pad Dresser       PDF  File
(Application Note 13081302-B) Final Polish - Pad Dresser        PDF  File
(Application Note 13082401-A) Proper Use of Shims and Inserts      PDF  File
Lowest Cost Per Wafer           PDF  File                                                         
Worlds Toughest Templates      PDF  File



Zeromicron products produce the most cost effective world class results for final polish of any difficult material.
Lowest cost per polished piece out of every pocket per carrier sets new standards in the world of sapphire and silicon carbide. Less breakage, flatter geometry and most importantly higher yields. We have been improving customers bottom lines for 10+ years.

Polishing carriers, lapping suspension fluid, and cutting edge polishing slurry designed specifically for the sapphire, silicon carbide, germanium and any other difficult material.

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Learn more here:  ZeroMicron Carriers Page




We are honored to represent Solid Spot, Inc., a global leader in supplying PEEK fasteners in a ever expanding array of sizes and shapes along with custom machined PEEK parts in any size or shape to your specifications. Whether one piece prototype or multiple part production runs, Solid Spot can deliver on time and within budget. They have been a global supplier to both large and small companies for 10 + years.

Fabrication done right here in the USA, send us your requirements today.


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We are currently looking for Dicing Saws, Wafer Backgrinders, Single and Double Sided Lapping Machines, Portable Clean Rooms, Wire Saws, Single and Double Side Polishers, Optical Polishers and ID/OD Saws.



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